Day 7: EEFIT Greets President Correa

Today we had the pleasure of greeting President Rafael Correa. As he was visiting the Emergency Committee Headquarters in Pedernales, Guillermo and Major Manuel Querembas briefly spoke to him and briefed him on the EEFIT mission. The President expressed his gratitude for all the contributions we may be able to provide as Ecuador continues responding to the event and starts thinking about Building Back Better. While we were conducting several interviews with senior members of the Secretaria de Gestion de Riesgos, we also had a chance to greet Minister of Interior Jose Serrano.

We were also invited to join him and his cabinet for lunch, during which we had a great conversation with some of his senior advisers who had participated in the response to the event since the first day. Most prominent in the conversation is the fact that Ecuador managed this event with only internal resources and people. The great level of success reached causes great pride in the government, in the Army and in the general population, and rightly so.

We also had the opportunity to speak with General Mosquera who commands the Army-led response to the event and who has been so kind to the EEFIT mission by providing enormous resources to us such as a Navy boat to survey the Los Caras Bridge, ground transportation for the entire trip, access to multiple restricted sites, and most importantly, he has provided the wonderful company of Major Querembas, by now a good friend and a member of the team.

Ecuador has welcomed our EEFIT team with enormous generosity and has provided immense hospitality. We are so grateful for all the warm support and help we have received at the most senior levels. Gracias, Ecuador!


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