Day 8: The Chone river estuary

After a productive couple of days in Pedernales and the surrounding region, the team are travelling back south again. Today the geotechnical subteam spent the day surveying landslides and liquefaction induced damage in the Chone river estuary.

The British Geological Survey (BGS) used satellite imagery (obtained via the International Charter; Space and Major Disasters) to create maps of earthquake induced landslides and sites of liquefaction after the April 16th earthquake. The purpose of our day was to photograph the sites identified on the map for this region, to talk to locals and determine whether the damage was earthquake induced, and to locate sites not identified by the satellite images.

It was very interesting to chat to the locals and find out what damage occurred during the earthquake, and how it has affected their livelihood. One of the main occupations in the area we visited is shrimp farming, and unfortunately their productivity has been severely affected by the earthquake.


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