Day 6: Pedernales

The team visited Pedernales, a town in the north of Manabí province, which was very badly hit by the earthquake. From the sea front, up to the main coastal road, damage is everywhere. Demolished holes where houses once stood litter the landscape. Some plots have very few remains left standing.DSCN3370.JPG

One school building suffered minor damage but in the large aftershocks has failed in a classic short column failure mode.

DSCN3358.JPGThe cathedral in the main square has suffered a lot of non-structural damage, which unfortunately killed and injured people during the main earthquake, however the structure appears sound, with only a few RC repairs needed.DSCN3406.JPG

The team has worked very closely with the Ecuadorian Army Corps of Engineers, with Major Manuel Querembás opening many doors for us, and arranging meetings with local commanders and colonels in charge of the response.


Tomorrow the team leader Guillermo leaves to head back home, and the team will continue to Chamanga, and Perdenales again, before tracing our steps back south toward Canoa.


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