Day 5: Canoa and Jama

The structures team and the social science team spent the morning in Canoa and Rio Canoa, and the afternoon in Jama.

More interviews were conducted with the residents of shelter camps in Canoa, and the structures team surveyed the pedestrian suspension bridge and the first two streets parallel to the sea front using the omni-directional camera. This will allow us to analyse the damage in Canoa from home when we have more time.



The timber built Hotel Coco Loco, where team member Harriette stayed 3 years ago whilsts on holiday was still proudly standing. DSCN3226.JPGWe then drove up the Rio Canoa valley and stopped at some very traditional houses, including bahareque, and even one with informal seismic dampers!DSCN3268.JPG

DSCN3272.JPGThe impressive Catholic church in Canoa, with a large sweeping RC roof (apparently all cast in one pour!) had suffered column damage with poor detailing evident in the the connection between columns and roof.DSCN3282.JPGCj8aLrxWEAA03a9.jpg

The team then headed to Jama and did a walking structural survey through the town whilst more interviews were conducted in shelter camps. Just under 50% of buildings had been demolished, with damage recorded in most others, even in the traditionally better performing timber structures.DSCN3344.JPG

The team stayed in Cojoimies overnight and will work in the badly affected town of Pedernales today and tomorrow.


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